Namako walls The tiled Japanese traditional Namako walls


The Namako walls

The Namako walls

This Japanese style walls are seen in many of tourist spots and historical places in Japan. Originally, this style of walls are started to use for old samurai residences in Edo era in Japan. And we can also see this walls for old warehouses, castles, and castle walls which have been preserved for a long time.

This geometric pattern of black and white is simple, but it’s very impressive. This unique pattern is attractive in the street, and it’s perfect for the Japanese style restaurant or stores in Japan town.

Tile construction method sea cucumber wall "Kura" can be seen in 30 seconds

※3-minute version is here.

Easy to tile, reasonable price

The Namako walls

Our Namako walls are easy to tile for plasterers in your local area. This Namako walls are pieced and tiled wall. We send this tiled walls from Japan to your country, and your local plasterers can easily apply them to your house or buildings.

The Japanese traditional Namako walls had only been made by skilled craftsmen in Japan for a long period. But we made this innovative, tiled Namako walls. This enables more people adopt the Namako walls for the exterior wall of their houses or stores in reasonable prices, not only in Japan, but also in many countries.

No craftsman's skills are needed to apply this Namako walls. Your local plasterers can be finished easily.

Why our Namako walls are chosen?

Your local plasterers can easily apply them to your house or buildings. No special craftsman skills are needed.

The buildings or houses are characterized by this impressive exterior of the Namako walls.

The applied Namako walls protect the buildings from the rain and wind damage.



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Fish store

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Suitable for these buildings

To create an atmosphere of Japanese style, dignity, and luxury, apply this Namako walls on your building. This Namako walls have used on the walls of hotels, stores, houses, and restaurants.


Choose a type which Namako walls you apply.
Confirm the applied area(dimensions) of the wall.
If the area are determined, please take a picture of the area, and send us from the contact form.
Please feel free to contact us by the contact form or e-mail.
Confirm to the local plasterers
We issue the quotation for the Namako walls.
Please remit your payment by wire transfer.
Deliver the Namako walls from Japan to your country.
And your local plasterers apply the walls.

If you are a individual customer or a plasterer, please feel free to contact us for more information. We will cheerfully reply to any inquiries about Namako walls.


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